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LinkedIn Learning (Lynda.com) at The Royal Academy: Create account or log in

About LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with over 16.000 courses taught by real-world experts and a library of content that is constantly up to date. You can engage in courses across business, creative, technology and more, and get closer to achieving your professional goals. Learn the relevant skills you need to build the experiences that will help you reach your definition of success. No matter where you are in your studies or career or where you want to go, LinkedIn Learning can help you keep learning in moments that matter.

Start learning today.

Access via ACTIVATION LINK HERE: https://lnkd.in/dWcXUFT  

If you follow this link you will be able to login with your Royal Academy credentials

If you have any problems with login please contact The Royal Danish Academy Library bibliotek@kglakademi.dk

Login til LinkedIn Learning

You can access and create an account in several ways:

Click on the image and access the "Sign in" page directly:

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       1. Or choose "Sign In"


Click on  ”Sign in with your organization account”.

Or directlyhttp://linkedin.com/learning/login-ent

     2. Enter your email


       3. Choose either to Connect to your LinedIn account or continue without LinedIn account







Activation link for new users


What changes to my access and features as a Learner?

You will continue to be able to watch all the same content, bookmark courses, and obtain certificates of completion.In addition, all of your existing learning history and certificates will appear on your new account as a part of the upgrade.  Please watch the “How to Use LinkedIn Learning” course for details on all of the features and functionality available to you.

Watch the "How to" video

Do I need to connect my LinkedIn profile?

No, but we strongly recommend it. You will have the option to connect your LinkedIn profile or create a separate Learning account during activation. If you choose to connect your LinkedIn profile, you’ll receive additional benefits such as personalized recommendations for your skills and position, as well as what’s trending on LinkedIn Learning based on LinkedIn data. This will help us give you a learning experience that’s tailor made for your needs.

Will my administrator have access to view my LinkedIn activity on my personal account?

No, your administrator will not see your private LinkedIn activity.  Because this access is paid for by your organization, your administrator will ONLY be able to see your LinkedIn Learning activity (such as courses you've completed).

Do I control what is displayed on my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, your LinkedIn Learning activity will not show on your LinkedIn profile unless you choose to add a completed course.

Is the content the same on LinkedIn Learning as on Lynda.com?

Yes, all of the same great content you know from Lynda.com will be on LinkedIn Learning.

Can I bring across my history from Lynda.com? Or will I have two separate accounts for Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning?

Yes, when the upgrade is complete all of your history, in progress and bookmarks will be in your new LinkedIn Learning account.

Can I continue to use Lynda.com while the upgrade is going on?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to take a small break (we expect it to take up to ~18 hours). We’ll finish upgrading your account and send you an email with steps to activate your brand new Linkedin Learning account.

What if I don't have a LinkedIn account?

If you do not have a personal LinkedIn account, we will guide you through the steps of creating one at that time. Click on the link below for more info on how to build your LinkedIn profile.

Build your LinkedIn profile

What kind of support will be available during the upgrade?

You will have access to an extensive Help Center as well as email support through our Linkedin Learning Support team.

Visit the Help Center

Will you notify me before the upgrade happens?

Your Administrator will send out notifications prior to your upgrade date so you have ample time to prepare. However, please note, nothing is needed from you prior to the upgrade.

How do I log into LinkedIn Learning?

Once you activate and link your enterprise account with your personal LinkedIn account, you will login using the same credentials you use to access your Linkedin account. Or if you choose to create a separate learning account during activation, you will use those credentials to access LinkedIn Learning.

Log into LinkedIn Learning